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26th May
Alyson Ellis

A town centre Christian Church committed to enriching individual lives and the wellbeing of the community.

Church Life Diary

Morning Coffee:Every Wednesday and Saturday:10.00am- 11.30am.


1st           Wed       12.30                      Potato service

3rd          Fri           2.00                        Church Cleaning

5th          Sun         10.45                      Service led by Derek Grimshaw. Lunch and AGM

6th          Mon        7.00                        Church Life Team

9th          Thu         1.00                        Ipswich Arts Lecture: Rediscovering Cedric Morris

12th        Sun         10.45                      Café Worship Led by the Church Life Team

13th        Mon        7.00                        Property Committee

19th        Sun         10.45                      Service led by Ruth Loggie: Aldersgate Sunday

21st        Tue         2.00                        Tea and Talk

26th        Sun         10.45                      Service led by Mrs Alyson Ellis

28th        Tue         12.30                      Community Lunch