When the day comes that we emerge from our confinement into the sunlight, to greet one another with joy, restored to life, and maybe to a new vision of how life might be, there will be a time of real celebration and rejoicing!

Whilst we are in lockdown I am recording a video service to be available Sunday mornings.
Please see below for details.
God Bless you all.
Rev Joan Pell

Joan's Weekly Sermon Series
This is the sixth sermon in a six-part series titled..

Please note:There will be an additional final sermon in this series next week.

"Tales from Peter’s Discipleship Journey".
Together we will look at the life of the disciple Simon, whom Jesus called Peter, which means the rock.
After the disciples, now called apostles, have received the Holy Spirit,
it is Peter who has the boldness and courage and prophetic spirit to get up and respond to what has just happened.
With the Holy Spirit flowing through him, Peter gives a passionate speech, putting the events into context.
Today, we would call it preaching! From Disciple to Apostle & Church Planter is our theme.
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Church Diary

Weekly Events at the Church
Morning Coffee
Whilst the Corona Virus situation
continues, all Worship Services,
coffee Mornings, Tea and Talk,
Study Groups and Church Meetings have beeen cancelled
until further notice.
Rev Joan Pell